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FirstName Steve
LastName Kostecke






Location 4733.82N 5332.77W


InstantMessaging (IM)

Email kostecke@ntp.org


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ntp-4.2.8p15 was released on 23 June 2020. It addresses 1 medium-severity security issue in ntpd, and provides 13 non-security bugfixes over 4.2.8p13.

Please see the NTP Security Notice for vulnerability and mitigation details.

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  • Name: Steve Kostecke
  • Email:kostecke@ntp.org
  • NTP Job: Systems Adminstrator, Master Software Mechanic
  • Country: USA
  • hCard

My Personal Data

Note: if personal data is being stored using a secret database, then it is only visible to the user and to administrators.


Public Keys

finger steve@kostecke.net for my public keys, or download them from here:


ntp.org picon ntp.isc.org picon isc.org picon

Plotting NTP Stats

Part of the software I use to plot the ntp stats for my Soekris NET 4801. This software uses environment variables passed to Gnuplot to control aspects of the plot apperance on the fly (e.g. adjusting for Daylight Saving Time changes) and plots the data in local time rather than UTC. The *stats files are retrieved from the time server over http and the finished plots are uploaded to my public web-server using UUCP.

ALERT! These files are licensed under the GNU General Public License

IDEA! Some of the plot files have not yet been released to the public...

Debian ntp-dev package update "one-liner"

This one-liner is useful for situations where the binary ntp-dev Debian packege is not usable (e.g. non-i386 architectures)

cd /usr/local/src/ntp && \
apt-get update && rm -rf ntp-dev* && dpkg-repack ntp-dev && \
apt-get --build source ntp-dev && \
dpkg -i `ls ntp-dev_*_amd64.deb | tail -n1`


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Topic attachments
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elseEXT Makefile manage 5.4 K 2008-10-15 - 03:36 SteveKostecke Makefile for plotting ntpstats
elseconf client.conf manage 0.6 K 2005-04-11 - 21:27 SteveKostecke Multicast client ntp.conf
gifgif face.gif manage 0.4 K 2003-07-18 - 20:04 SteveKostecke ntp.org picon
gifgif face_isc_org.gif manage 1.0 K 2006-02-14 - 14:02 SteveKostecke isc.org picon
gifgif face_ntp_isc_org.gif manage 0.8 K 2006-02-14 - 14:01 SteveKostecke ntp.isc.org picon
pngpng loop-20060803.png manage 14.3 K 2006-08-04 - 03:24 SteveKostecke Generated with GNUPlot
elseplot loopstats.plot manage 1.9 K 2008-10-15 - 03:37 SteveKostecke Gnuplot control file for plotting loopstats
pngpng mini-graph-20060803.png manage 34.5 K 2006-08-04 - 03:21 SteveKostecke Generated with RRDTool
elseawk peer.awk manage 2.1 K 2005-08-22 - 01:09 SteveKostecke  
elseconf server.conf manage 0.7 K 2005-04-11 - 21:26 SteveKostecke Multicast server ntp.conf
pngpng soekris-attic.png manage 33.6 K 2006-02-08 - 04:31 SteveKostecke My soekris in the attic crawl-space
pdfpdf sp250-59.pdf manage 1672.2 K 2005-04-05 - 13:46 SteveKostecke NIST Computer Time Services
elseasc steve-gpg.asc manage 1.9 K 2003-06-18 - 13:16 SteveKostecke DH/DSS Public Key
elseasc steve.asc manage 0.9 K 2003-06-18 - 13:17 SteveKostecke RSA Public Key
pngpng typical_aggregate_lan_offsets.png manage 42.4 K 2008-04-22 - 23:40 SteveKostecke Typical LAN offsets, aggegated, 5 minute poll interval
pngpng weeds.png manage 1.6 K 2007-01-22 - 20:00 SteveKostecke ntpd following the LocalCLK in to the weeds
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